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The catch-up
Well, I haven't posted in 2.5+ years, but it looks like some folks are still here, so I'll give it a shot. It has been a complicated few years, so I won't dwell on the details:
* Got laid off by the crappy Columbus foundry I'd been working for. Five weeks later they hired me back (plenty more BS there, but I'll skip it). Continued the job search I'd started. I interview with a couple foundries, one in northwest (Buttfuck) Indiana offers me a job.
* The day before I have to accept/reject the Indiana job, my dad commits suicide. He'd lost his wife of 15 years to a slow death from cancer, started drinking heavily again, hid it from me saying he was doing okay, and then he shot himself. Over two years later I still haven't entirely sorted out my feelings on this, and it never seems like I have much time to try.
* I take the job at the Indiana foundry, try to sort out Dad's estate (I'm executor), Emily and I move to (Buttfuck) Indiana.
* After almost two years at the Indiana foundry, business is really slow because their only real customer is slow, and they haven't been developing other customers, layoffs are starting. The people there are mostly indifferent or assholes, not much reason to stay.
* I get called by a headhunter about a position in Davenport, IA that looks promising. There's a lot more *in* Davenport, and this place at least has several steady customers, it might be more stable.
* I find us a house to rent, we move to Davenport, we still have plenty of stuff in boxes but the house is almost functional now.
* One of Dad's things I kept was his old film camera. In an attempt to hold myself together, I've been spending some time shooting again, mailing film off to Parsons, KS for develop & scans.
* Emily's anxiety and agoraphobia are pretty bad, sometimes I don't really know what to do to try to help her.
* I inherited my dad's house back in Ohio 50/50 with my step-brother (who I didn't really know) - most of the value was still owed on the mortgage. He wouldn't help with getting ready to sell it, I finally got fed up with paying the mortgage, so it's in foreclosure now. At some point I need to make a trip back to check up on it, and arrange to keep the yard mowed so Code Enforcement doesn't fine us.

Most of the time I'm just so damn worn out I don't really know how I feel. That's 2011-2013 in a nutshell, I guess, putting one foot in front of the other because I have to.

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Shit. That's a whole hell of a lot to deal with. I'm so sorry about your dad.

Where in Ohio is his house? Maybe someone back here could at least help you keep the yard mowed until you can get back. If it's nowhere close to me, I could still put the word out and see if I know anyone who is close that might be able to help for a while.

All my best to Emily! Head issues like that are bitch, for all involved. (I hope she finds a good way to manage them. Seems like trial and error is the only course -- both issues tend to run through my family and I don't think any two of my relatives manage things the same way.

I really, really hope things start looking up for you guys. Sounds like you could use some good breaks.

Thank you, Seph. Em's anxiety goes back a long way, but the agoraphobia set in a few years ago. It's hard to tell if she's figuring out how to deal with it over time, she has some good days and some really bad days as well.

I myself am sometimes quite irritable and frustrated, trying to keep a handle on so many things, so I don't always deal with things so well. I find myself procrastinating because I just want some peace and quiet, or because I just can't handle "one more thing" today, so big-picture stuff keeps getting pushed aside by little immediate crises. I need some little part of my day to be a section with very little stimulation, so my little intravert brains can untangle themselves, but I only get that infrequently and in small doses.

As an example, I still need to get my driver's license and license plates switched over, and we've been here since the end of April. There are a dozen little things like that which keep getting put off, but really do need to get done...

Sounds like you've had a really rough couple of years. Major points to you for putting one foot in front of the other.

We've had a pretty roller-coastery time since the last time we saw you guys. On the plus side, I've got a shiny new job. On the minus side, we spent the fall and winter on fighting off (so far successfully) a brain tumor that invaded my head, and the kitten is getting older and developing lots of expensive health problems. So...blessings and curses.

We miss you guys. If you ever find yourselves in Vermont or New Hampshire, let us know?

Thank you, Julie. We miss you and Eric too.

"Blessings and curses" indeed, the brain tumor is pretty scary. It seems like cancer keeps touching more and more people I know as time goes by. I suppose that's a part of growing older, in a way, but it seems so much more common than when I was a kid. Here's to hoping you continue to be tumor-free.

Our oldest cat, Belle, is still trucking along despite having lost a lot of weight. She has the kitty dementias now, she sleeps most of the time, but she's still with us. Em's little Jack Russell, Mojo, is blind in both eyes due to cataracts now, but still energetic and getting around.

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