We must all become alarm clocks!

Hey Oreo, thanks for the LJ referral for Emily. :-)

Big news:
Em has left Studio Posh.
She is now working as an IC, renting a space (it's not really a 'booth')
at a place in Westerville called the Beehive. :-) She started at the new place
Thursday, and thus far it's going well. We're now sorting out the logistics of
her working for herself and everything, working on how to deal with taxes, etc.

In an interesting twist, I'm still going to be working for Posh running the desk
at their Campus location, which is a little surreal.

Em's web site can be found at:

Em and I watched the movie 'Monster' tonight. All I can say is, it doesn't let up. Have something cheerful to watch afterward.

Video killed my Linux box.
So I have finally determined that my lovely 8MB S3/Virge/DX video card has finally up and bit the dust (or at least gone flaky enough to consistently lock the machine up solid whenever I run X). It gave all that it had to give. Time to finally spend some money on my machine again (it's been about two years except for a dand-me-down monitor). It's funny that the only thing that has ever (stops to knock on wood) locked up my machine, rather than just crashing some individual programs, is X.

Long live Debian!

We are still very poor and somewhat behind on bills, but we're surviving with Em on commission.

Currently trying to get the building management and police involved in cutting down on the crime in our neighborhood here (police seem more cooperative thus far than the building management). Some of our stuff was stolen out of the storage closet upstairs, someone cut the locks off of all the individual units and went through everything. Worst thing we lost was Em's old vinyl LPs. She had some signed stuff in there. It really worries me that someone found the door unlocked and came back with bolt cutters to take the locks off (and took the locks with them when they left). We need locks on the exterior doors, but I know management will put up a big fight over getting them.

I may have a new job. (Very draining) interview was today. I will find out by Friday if I have the job. Those who care about my sanity and wellbeing, kindly cross your fingers. :-)

J-O-B spells MOON
So for those who shrank in horro at my taking a job at CallTech, you'll be happy to know I found an alternative. I-ve just finished my first week as the new Desk Manager (read: receptionist) at the campus location of Studio Posh, where Emily works as a stylist. Fortunately I will be at the other location, so there will be no worries of favoritism in bookinc clients (as that could get rather... ugly).

So I now get up around 7:30 rather than 5:30, and once my 'probationary' period is over (a month or two) I'll be making .50 more an hour than Cord was paying. And the job is pretty low-stress most of the day, the stylists aren't too psycho so far. It's not going too bad.

Now all I have to do is convince the boss that he needs a Real Computer (PPro with all of 64MB of RAM trying to run Win95...).

"Work... Work... Work..."
So I think I'm going to be ditching my job at Cord Camera and starting training at CallTech (tech support call center place) at the beginning of the new year. I'm sorry to have to leave behind all the cool people and a boss with a clue, but I'm just sick of wondering when my hours/job will be cut due to payroll concerns. :-/

Also, CallTech will pay more, tho' there are downsides... long bus ride, prolly working Saturdays (though Em already does anyway), and dealing with an even more 'corp' atmosphere. Might help us get our finances in line, though, which they haven't been in, oh, I don't want to think about it.

Here's to hoping I don't start mouthing Fight Club quotes under my breath all the time...

So, any advice from folks who've done this or are doing this now?

Yes, Emily and I are moving again, out of our cool, tall-ceiling-ed, drafty castle of an apartment into something more manageable, laid out a lot better (and not so %$@#@# many stairs!), more comfortable...

Anyone willing and able to help move, it would be greatly appreciated. This will take place either this coming weekend if we can get the keys by then, or on Halloween weekend if that's not possible.

We will got out new address info to folks, and new phone info if it changes, shortly.

SDF: Public Access Unix System

This is exactly what I was envisioning months ago when I was reading 'Hackers', and pondering what the goals would be now if one were to offer public access computing for the sake of computing (as opposed to being for the sake of internet access).

UNIX isn't the greatest possible operating system, but it is better than what else is out there IMO. And it's nice just seeing something done because people could use it and it would be a good thing.

And you can't beat 'free'.

Ha-ha! Type, UNIK, and be merry, for tomorrow we all may die!!

True love...
Em bought me (with tip money from a good day at the salon) both Iron Maiden's first album ('Iron Maiden', natch) and 'Powerslave'. :-)


Speed Metal goodness at its best. Up the Irons!


Music is the space between the notes.
(claude debussy)


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