We must all become alarm clocks!

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(For Seph) Revenge of the Easter Bunny!
Image: It's just fun.

(The artist's name is Michael Sowa.)

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HAHAHAHAAAA!!! That's delightful! Get 'em, Easter Bunny!!! :D

I like how scared they look. "Take my eggs will you! I'll get you for this!"

She's hasn't dropped the egg, though...

Stupid girl. heh

i love it! thanks for posting.

See, I actually get around to posting once a decade or so... Whenever I have something interesting to post, my mental resources seem to be at the point of "pass out now, don't hit your head on something on the way down".

But I've uploaded new LJ icons, so maybe that will get me to post so I can show them all off...

No new AIM icons but I did finally post the ones I made for livejournal. If I find some good pictures I may make a couple new sets of those sometime in the future.

hey good to see you and my nickname is the bunny goddess and that is just awesome and now Will wants a undead dire bunny thanks!!

Undead bunny.......haaapppffthaaaa! Oh, that made my day!

My own circumstances aren't good right now (though thanks to you incredible people, they're vastly, vastly better), but on my next paycheck my order for this book is going in.

But my question to you is. . When are you going to take all those smarts you have accumulated and put them to a practical use.

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