We must all become alarm clocks!

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Here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams we can eat!
So, while I'm sitting here waiting for graphics-card drivers to download so I can install Winders XP on Emily's machine, I thought I'd actually bother to write something here, seeing as how I rarely do that. Probably everyone is migrating on to some other forum somewhere else even as I type this.

Life's been interesting, family drama that I won't go into here, the new job (which, while good, eats up a lot of energy and generates some stress), visiting both of our families (sort-of) for the Easter holiday... (I'm using ellipses, never a good sign - I used to be much more fond of the semi-colon, but have cut down a lot on my usage, I'm probably a 'recreational user' at most these days).

I will, starting tomorrow, have another full-time person helping me with Document Control (who has to be taught where to find whom, who has to sign what, and what gets done where...). The tour of the plant didn't scare her away at orientation, which is a good sign. Perhaps now we can get ready for the full-bore ISO audit coming up in October.

Emily is now working two days a week at the salon to save money on booth rent; too many people are cutting back on things to save money. I hear the economy is doing well these days, very productive, but it doesn't show in what people are willing to spend. This leads me to believe that most of that economic recovery is ending up in the hands of those at the top:

"...Anyone? ...Anyone? Voo-doo economics."

Okay, well, the download, she is finished! Now we put it together and see if it explodes!

Rock on with your bad selves.

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Good to hear you're alive and kicking.

Yes, we're still alive -

despite the rumors to the contrary. It's taking a lot of work from both of us right now to make the income we have stretch to pay the bills and keep us fed.

Are you and Eric doing okay? Neither of you have been as prolific on LJ of late (not that I'm one to talk, obviously...). I guess everyone's busy making ends meet these days.

Say no to forum migration!
Thank you for the update, we all miss you all...
In a fit of middle aged rebellion, I am sporting the first Mohawk Ive had in years. As I considered how to further exploit the lack of dress code(Im thinking red spikes) I thought of the only hair stylest I would trust with such matters-your Em.

May light shine upon you, peace, William

We miss you you guys too.

Congrats on the 'hawk. I sported one for quite a while there while I was working for the salon. It's very liberating, knowing you don't have to pretend to be like the normal folks, because you just can't fake it with a mohawk on your head anyway.

My new job is pretty relaxed on dress code for a manufacturing plant, but I don't know that a mohawk would go over. Ah well, my hair's thinning too much in front anyway. I enjoyed it while I had it. :-)


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