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Okay, (maybe) a real update:
The times they are a changin'.

I no longer work at Studio Posh, as of a week ago. I have taken a position with Columbus Steel Castings, a steel foundry which makes trucks and other parts for the railroad industry, as well as some other industrial parts for things such as bulldozers, cranes, and earth movers. Why am I doing this?

Well, the inside of the plant does resemble Dante's Inferno, with flames, sparks, and plenty of molten metal all over the place. There's a lof of welding, grinding and such going on round the clock. But I'm not doing any of that; fortunately they need someone to help with their photographic documenting and document control, mostly photographing cores used in the castings, as well al documenting processes for training purposes.

I finally have a job which uses some of the skills I learned in college, and I'm a salaried (!) employee. I do not yet know exactly how much I make, I should find out next week. I will soon have an office which I will share with just one other Document Control employee, who is a pretty laid-back guy. I'm undergoing training in ISO9000 business proctices for their certification, and more training to become a quality auditor, because they are completely revamping their standards and practices while they rework and improve their documentation. I feel like once I'm up to speed I will actually contribute something, and that my bosses appreciate having me and my skills available. I'm in information overload right now, trying to take in everything thrown at me, but that's okay, because there's a reason for it. I really hope this place turns out to be what it appears to be, they really seem to have a positive attitude and the goal of improving the place for everyone, which is really refreshing after the other places I've worked, and especially after Studio Posh.

I had to walk out on Studio Posh, no choice but to get started immediately and seize the opportunity. Apparently they're not too happy about that, but it's less trouble than they deserve after what I went through working for them, honestly trying to improve the place and being foiled by their laziness and greed. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I'll miss some of the people I worked with there, but I don't miss the job one bit.

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Congratulations! That's fantastic!

Yay for a job that uses some of your skills! I hope everything works out well with it. :)

Congrats and Good Luck!!!

I'm glad you're back on the track on doing something that puts your skills into work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for smooth sailing at your new job.

-Lia, who does remember Bkittie :-)

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